There’s a gentle but revolutionary truth being whispered in your ear:

This isn’t what your life was meant to feel like.

You want more. Or less. Or different. Or maybe both, all, of those things in a myriad of beautiful ways.

In any case, you feel like something is wrong. Off. Like the life you dreamed of since you were a child is just as much of a fairytale as Prince(ss) Charming and a Happily Ever After ending.

Does this sound familiar? 

This was my story for over twenty years: leading and living a life designed by society and cemented by my parents. Feeling unhappy. Unfulfilled. Unsatisfied. 

But looking back, I can’t help but smile.

Not because it’s been a perfect, smooth journey (it hasn’t. Not even slightly!) But because everything I’ve done over the last ten

years has been exactly what I needed to do to be here, with you, today.

I like to say that I was my very first case study. Feeling a little curious?

Let’s journey into #tbt mode…

Okay, so we like to elevate world travel to the realm of the enlightened and fulfilled. And while I’m not against traveling – in fact I love it! - I’m going to start by telling you something a little disruptive:

Changing your geographical location doesn’t change you. It doesn’t change who you are. Not really.

I know this because I’ve lived it.

My grandparents are from India and my parents were born in Kenya but they grew up in England. When my parents got married, they lived in Japan for two years then they moved to Canada. That's where I was born.

We moved to California and that's where I currently am and grew up. Along the way, I was dragged along (quite happily) on adventures to England, Toronto, Vancouver, Mexico, New York, Rome, Paris, Madrid, India, Bali, Kenya, and Japan. Practically every year was a new destination.

And despite the changing scenery, cultures and cities, one thing remained the same: me.

The bright-eyed girl with an insatiable curiosity for life. The girl who said ‘yes’ when she meant ‘no’ or ‘I’m not sure’ and followed what others told her to do because, looking around, it was what everyone else was doing. The girl that listened to other people’s versions of the truth … instead of tapping into her own.

The girl that deeply, wildly, craved something different.

Let’s zip forward a little.

At school, I started by studying biology, – which is essentially the study of life - then transferred into biomedical engineering because I enjoyed the reassuring logic of physics, – which is essentially the study of energy – before getting into philosophy – which is essentially the study of thinking critically about life – and naturally ended up at…Starbucks.

Okay, first I worked at Universal Precast Concrete, but then I transitioned to Starbucks where, ever the over-achiever, I overworked myself and sustained a repetitive shoulder injury.

It took being stuck at home – with nothing to do and nowhere to be – for me to realize something major:

Any subject I took in school wasn’t going to teach me about the purpose of my life.

Whoosh. It was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Suddenly all the signs that the Universe had been sending me clicked into place.

Biology. Physics. Philosophy. Universal Precast Concrete, Starbucks.

Everything was telling me to explore energy and how it could be harnessed to build a life you love.

And just like that, it was like I had been unleashed. Over the next four years, I became my own work-in-progress experiment. I studied astrology – which does teach you about your soul and your purpose in life – as well as chakras – which is all about healing your energy – and manifesting – which teaches you how to create what you want in life.

Blending these three philosophies and practices, I was able to reconnect with my soul, heal my energy and begin creating the changes that would take me towards my dream life.

Today, my life isn’t perfect. I'm still a work-in-progress. 

But the difference is that now I’m on a path I’ve consciously chosen, with love, passion and intuition guiding me. Now I feel happy and fulfilled and satisfied.

And now … I want to share these tools and practices with you, because I believe that everyone deserves to live a life aligned with their passion and purpose. 

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