We all know what are sun sign is and would like to think that the good qualities is exactly what I'm like most of the time and those not so great qualities don't exactly describe me. Of course it's true that horoscopes don't always predict what an amazing month it'll be or that this month is going to be lucky and you're going to get a raise. It's the same when you take a personality test to see what the results say about your talents. Something you may not realize is that astrology can tell you much more than what your sun sign personality traits are or what results you would get from a personality test because a birth chart captures your soul's energy.
Here are 5 ways an astrological birth chart can show you who you are:

1. south node tells you what your natural talents are

The south node in your chart tells you the lifestyle that you're most comfortable with. It will also tell you about your natural talents and challenges you will find yourself caught into in life. The idea is the south node will tell you about the traits your soul is used to living and in this lifetime you want to learn how to become the opposite energy of those traits. This is why we get this lifetime to navigate through life sharing what we know to true but also learning how to integrate and connect with others in the opposite traits. Ever wonder why we live in a dualistic life? 

2. sun sign shows you how you would like to express yourself in the light

Your sun sign is the energy you use to express yourself in the light. Your soul craves to learn and share your sun sign qualities to everyone around wanting to listen. You will naturally pick up skills and search for ways to learn more about the qualities that match your sun sign. You will also be known by others for your sun sign personality traits as this is what stands out to others about you. 

3. moon sign shows you how you feel 

Your moon sign personality traits are not the most obvious to others when it comes to who you are. The moon sign will describe how you like to process your feelings depending on your sign. You may express yourself in a fiery & passionate way because your sun sign is in a fire sign but you feel very deeply & sensitive because your moon sign is a water sign. 

4. rising sign shows others who you like to display

Your rising sign are the qualities strangers think of you when they first meet you. You could be a complete extrovert when you surround yourself with people you trust but be an introvert whenever you meet strangers. Your rising sign will tell you about the traits you express whenever you meet someone new and the impression you make on them. 

5. north node tells you how you want to grow

The north node in your chart will show you how you want to grow in life. Life is all about growing physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Astrology gives you the clues of how you will grow spiritually because life will always put you in situations to strive for the growth you deeply desire. Hence why the universe is always supporting you. A clue to know if you're on the right track is to check in with your emotions and feel what makes you happy. If you're happy and anxious in a good way, then chances are that your soul wants to build this new skill you're unfamiliar with but are meant to know. 

Of course astrological birth charts can teach you so much more than this about who you are but here are just a few main examples of getting to learn about your soul. This is one of the many reasons astrology can be used to tell you so much more than any sun sign horoscope or a personality test, it's because you can learn about how unique your energy is and not be placed into a category just to fit in. You are a very unique individual who wants to connect with others and express yourself.