So what's the deal with all these life coaches around and why would you benefit from hiring one? This is a question I had last year as I started following some of them on social media.

What Are Life Coaches

Life coaches are people who have gone through quite a lot of life experiences and are ready to share everything they've learned to help support you in your life. Many of them have gone though issues you are going through right now but don't know where to start making the changes you want to see. Some of these issues can be body, money mindset, spiritual journey, being an entrepreneur, or even starting your own business. By hiring a life coach for your current issue, they'll be there to tell you which steps to take each week to help you make major changes in your life. 

What a life coach does

If I didn’t hire a life coach for my business, I would have never taken the steps to start life coaching. I’ve always been a dreamer but never found the right support to make my dreams become a reality. When I hired my business coach, she literally walked me step by step of who I am, what I’ve learned, what I want to help others in, and take action on the ideas I had. Not only did she help me connect more to myself, but she also shared her resources of how she setup her own business to help me get started on my own. It would have literally taken me 2 years to get to where I am right now if I did everything on my own. 

Why life coaches help you grow 

If you really want to see a shift in your life then one of the most successful ways to make it happen is if you have a coach supporting you through the changes you want to see. I’ve taken courses before and have had life coaches and I can honestly tell you that life coaching packages are the way to go if you have a busy lifestyle. It's because your life coach is there to support your dreams and they’ll hold you accountable to your goals. If you take courses and have a busy life, the courses can sometimes become last on your list of priorities. 

How to find the right life coach for you

One of the things to keep in mind about a life coach is to always go with someone you connect with. I’ve had a few life coaches in my life and only one of them helped me achieve my inner desires and dreams. This is why having a pre-call with them is so important. If in the beginning you don’t feel that connection then their energy isn’t aligned for the messages you’re meant to receive. Always trust your intuition because it’ll lead you to the right person whereas your logic may lead to what sounds like the best deal but may become a waste of money because you didn’t get the right messages you were meant to learn. 

Hiring a life coach was worth every penny for the growth I received from her. I knew she was the right life coach for me because I loved every social media post she had out there, her message, and energy when I had a pre-call with her. It's also a bonus because she has taken countless courses, learned from a number of life coaches, and tested many skills before finding what works before meeting me; this means I get her knowledge without spending the money she did to test what works. Because I took that step to invest in myself, I’m finally was supported by someone who understood me and took the steps to follow my dreams. Are you ready for that step?