Have you ever wondered why everything in life doesn't seem like it's going your way? I know I've had my fair share of those moments in my life in the past. Working on my chakras has made those moments in the past for me and now I'm always thinking how amazing it is that everything in life is going right! Let me explain why you should work on your chakras too. 

What are chakras?

Before I even start explaining how healing your chakras creates abundance in your life, lets first chat about what chakras are. To put this very simply, chakras are energy centers in and around your body. You have 7 main chakras (there is so much more to this but this is a good start) that determine not only your spiritual or energetic state, but they also determine how you are emotionally, mentally, and physically. Chakras are essentially your energy attracting which is attracting your current reality. 

How does healing your chakras attract abundance? 

Something else you should know about chakras are that they store a lot of energy that is picked up from your past lives, environment, other people, society...they pretty much pick up energy that you interact with. Knowing this, you can only imagine different beliefs and feelings you picked up from other people, society, and more from. You can literally take those beliefs and bring them into your energy by believing that is how life should be. When you work on healing your chakras, you will be working on strengthening your own energy so you are not as affected by the energy you pick up around you. By doing this, your energy will be attracting abundance in all areas of your life because you'll be connecting to your unique soul energy and strengthening that. 

So how do you heal your chakras? 

There are a few ways to achieve this but let me tell you 3 main ways to get you started. The first way is to book a reiki session. This is a great way to start because you'll have a reiki practitioner who will perform healing energy for you and give you feedback on what they noticed after. You don't even have to leave the comfort of your own home because you can have distance reiki performed with the same benefits. The second way is to do a guided meditation that will take you chakra to chakra. This is effective to do everyday, well maybe every once a week to start, since it'll have you start by visualizing your chakras and have you feel that energy point. You will then breathe in cleansing energy to that chakra to help strength it. The last way you can heal your chakras is by doing activities that give that chakra energy. Each chakra has an energy trait it is responsible for attracting in your life and when you wear a color associated to that chakra or do activities that express that chakra's energy, then you are helping strength it. 

As always, you can attract abundance with mindset, but when you work on your chakras, you are also working on the energy your mindset picks up on and can more effectively change your mindset by healing your chakras. 

Have fun healing your chakras!