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Everyone is so special, unique, gifted, and has a purpose for being born into this world. It’s unfortunate that we were taught by society and culture that we have to fit into certain boxes in order to be successful in life. These days we are lucky enough to be going through a spiritual time when we can remember our truth - that we are a spiritual being having a material life experience. Although we can get confused at times about what our soul desires to do in life, we can also figure it out when we tap into what our dreams are.

Our dreams + desires are placed in our emotions to remind us of all that we are meant to achieve in life. It’s what we were taught when we were younger (basically we were taught not to trust yourself) and that we have to be “realistic” (know all the facts and know how are you going to get to your goals) that has left us confused on what is actually our purpose. Truth is, it’s simply to follow your emotions to whatever makes you happy. Okay so astrology does all me to tap deeper into what that actually is but for this blog post I’m going to keep it simple and remind you that whenever you’re following the dreams, desires, and happiness you have - you’re also following your soul purpose.

I’ve put together a fun quiz to remind you of what’s already within you, ready to be expressed. Check out my “What’s your soul purpose?” quiz here and be sure to let me know what your result was! I would love to know!

With that being said, you’re meant to be living that purpose today and be supported financially, emotionally, mentally, and physically when you are connected to your truth - it’s because you’re so high vibe when you’re following your soul that everything (people, money, love, etc…) falls into place in your life. When I decided to finally follow my own soul purpose, I was supported financially ($50K to be exact) to help me launch my biz, so many amazing people who I got to work with + help transform their lives so that they feel more connected to their truth & living their soul purpose, and more freedom that allows me to travel whenever + wherever I want.

All you have to do is quantum leap into that version of you that already exists - trust, believe, and be your authentic self.