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A lot of times we may feel like we have no say with what happens to us in our life. I’ll admit it, I used to believe that as well. I just followed exactly what I was taught in school, by my family, and pretty much by social media. I can still remember signing up for my college courses and something feeling terribly off, like this was something I didn’t want to do but I had to do it. Now that some years have gone by, I realize that we have been taught by society that we have freedom to choose what we desire but if we want to be successful then we need a degree - work for a well established company, etc…

What’s important to note here is that we’ve been told this since we were young. When were were born and up to the age of 7 years old, we didn’t form many ideas, beliefs, or understanding of what life is yet. We were naturally curious about everything, felt connected to our truth, and just plain old happiness because we were naturally in a theta brainwave state. At that time, we were energetically open to receiving all that we desired like ice cream, our favorite toy, and whatever else our heart desired.

You guessed it, as we continued growing up, going to school, we began feeling pressure to do well in school, sports, or music, whatever it was that our family valued. This taught us how to feel stress and disconnect from our soul. Energetically, this taught us that it’s not safe to be our authentic self and that we must put yourself in a box in order to be loved.

Now welcome to adulthood where you followed everything you were taught but you are feeling like something is missing and you want so much more in your life. This is your soul waking you up to your truth and asking you to shift into your soul energy so you can live your dreams you were born for. All it takes is for you to shift into your truth, your soul’s gifts + talents, your happiness from within that will send out vibrations into the Universe to shift your reality and start attracting new experiences and a change in reality for you.


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