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So I decided to read Pam Grout’s book E2 a few weeks ago. It was a book I had purchased in 2013 but like most books - I get busy and forget to finish it. I went ahead and picked it up again now that I’m just a little bit older and wiser. I of course believed everything she mentions in the first chapter about how you can create your own reality and couldn’t wait to do the first experiment she suggested - set the intention that you will receive an unexpected gift in 48 hours.

I had nothing to lose so I stated my intention on Monday at 10pm. The next morning I had an intuitive feeling that maybe my unexpected gift would be hearing from my friend Jessica - we have a friendship where we can go months without keeping in touch then will randomly contact each other to catch up like if no time passed in between. Yeah so I decided that is not what I would call an unexpected gift because I kinda expect that I would hear from her at random times.

So moving on with my morning, I just went about my day as usual, excited that an unexpected gift would be coming to me sometime that day or the next. As I was scrolling through Amazon, I found an amazing book that my friend Jessica would probably love to read - so I texted her to see if she would be interested and I can gift it to her. Instead, she had a gift she wanted to give to me. “Jason [her amazing boyfriend] wants to know if you’d like to have his laptop. 15” MacBook Pro 2017, 16 GB Ram, 1 TB. Only issue is that there are two little cracks at the bottom of the monitor, but it doesn’t affect the viewing of the screen.”

Of course I would like a newer MacBook!! This was the unexpected gift and it happened only in 12 Hours!! What a miracle! But it didn’t stop there because the next day I got another text from Jessica…

“Good morning Annie! Jason wants to know if he should sell his Mac and get you a new one?” do whatever is best because a new MacBook sounds even better! This experiment truly works! I just knew I had to get my friends to do it as well!

Next week I’ll share with you what happened when I had my friends do this experiment + when I decided to do it with them again 2 more times.

P.S. Here are some screenshots of the text messages between my friend Jessica & me so you can really see how it all went down.