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Today I want to share with you my spiritual journey and some tips to help you understand if you are also on this path (you already are on the spiritual path if you’re reading this by the way). My story starts back in 2014 when I was working at Starbucks, I would have to wake up at 3:30 AM to get to work at 4 AM to open the store. I would be day dreaming of the days when I could just move to San Francisco and live the life that I actually desired aka wake up at 9 AM, walk over to a yoga class, stop by and buy some green juice, and going to work at a place that I actually enjoyed (no offense Starbucks but 4 AM shifts wasn’t something I wanted to do my whole life).

It was during this time that I started to question how could I actually make that my reality? Is it actually possible to not work on a schedule and do whatever I desire in my life? Wait, what do I actually want to do in my life? I started going down a spiral questioning everything - did I actually want a college degree, want to get married, work for a bio-tech company? All these things sounded like things that my parents wanted me to do. So I started searching for answers and felt most connect to all the zodiac sayings about Sagittarius - I am naturally optimistic, like to share my knowledge with others, and generous aka all the things a Sagittarius is known for. I then dove deeper into astrology and the birth chart - but that’s for another post. At this time, I was also very interested in the law of attraction, chakras, how to be psychic, and following your intuition.

This is what the spiritual journey looks like - you begin to question what your life looks like and begin digging deeper and wonder what does your soul desire in life.

Here are my top 10 tips to help you figure out if you are on the spiritual journey:

  1. You start questioning your job, relationships, career, education, etc…

  2. You desire to create more freedom in your life

  3. You start googling yoga, meditation, law of attraction, manifesting, chakras, psychic, intuition, reiki, etc…

  4. You start to feel confused and not know what makes you feel truly happy from within

  5. You start wanting to spend more time alone

  6. You want to read more personal development books

  7. You want to know what your soul purpose is

  8. You start to connect with that you desire more in your life and don’t want to settle

  9. You want more fun, love, freedom, and money in your life

  10. You truly want to feel expansion and inner peace

I could probably go on about the feelings that come up when going through a spiritual journey but my best piece of advice is to find a life coach to help you through this time - someone to help support you in connecting to your soul. It’s when you connect back to your soul that you also connect back to your truth and limitless potential since when we live in our ego we limit ourselves to what beliefs we were taught and who we “should” be in order to fit into society. I can’t help see the irony in how I’m at a Starbucks as a customer and writing this post for you now as the person who has created more freedom, happiness, money, fun, and love in my life.


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