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I wrote all about what happened the first time that I did the E2 experiment by Pam Grout which you can read all about here. Today I want to share with you what happened when I told two of my friends about my results and wanted them to do the experiment as well to share in the magic of manifesting! So to inspire them + support them in doing the experiment, I went ahead and did the 48 hour calling in an unexpected gift with them. I’ll admit it, I kind of didn’t want to do it again because I had a fear that you “you can’t get lucky twice, it’s not going to work again for you” about this but I also believed in the magic that happened the first time and wanted to see my friends also have this magic in their life.

So it was settled, I would start the experiment again with my friend on Wednesday morning at 11:30am. I went along with my day as usual, forgetting all about to be on the look out for this gift. Around 1pm, my neighbor was throwing away her trash and the bag had fall apart and made a big mess. She can’t walk very well or far so I ran out to go help her clean it up, knowing that these things happen. After the clean up, I went back to my laptop to get to work and I was so shocked to see that she had sent me a $25 Starbucks Gift Card!! What in the world just happened?? This was super unexpected! I’ve only known her since March 2018 and an exchange of money never took place. This was definitely from the experiment to expect an unexpected gift and this time it took only 2 hours to happen!

I also decided to do it with a different friend since now I really believe in the magic of this experiment and wanted her to experience it herself so I set the intention on Sunday at 5pm. I went about my day and the following day as usually and once in awhile wondering with excitement when this gift would appear. It was the last day of the experiment and I was telling my coach about the success of my other two experiments when she felt an inspired idea to send me a book that she thought I would enjoy a lot (it’s The Circle by Laura Day if you’re curious). Wow!!! It happened again, I just received another unexpected gift! It barely met the deadline of 4pm Tuesday but I suppose it still counts!

I hope these posts inspire you to also do the experiment for yourself to truly experience the magic of receiving anything you desire. My tip for you if it doesn’t work out the first time is to move on to her 2nd experiment so that way you cultivate more faith that your mind and energy really can call in experiences into your life. Then I would go back to the first experiment to call in the gift. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!

Sending you all so much love!