Mystical Energy Healing

8 weeks - Connect to your inner guide & find your purpose

What This Program Is

This is your go-to Mystical Path, coaching program that teaches you all the tools that supported me to finally live my purpose of supporting others to find their soul calling and live life on their own terms. Woohoo!  

I'm SO excited to be able to help you find clarity, freedom and confidence in your life and to create a path that serves YOUR unique higher purpose (because the world needs you to shine bright baby!), not a basic path that was set out for you by society or your family. How boring would that life be? 

Be reassured that you can achieve anything you desire. With this program we will dive into your birth chart so you'll better understand the energy you were born with. With the birth chart we'll be able to uncover the talents you currently have, your personality, and the challenges your soul would like to overcome in this lifetime to ultimately create a life of balance, ease and abundance. We will also work on creating a custom self-care routine for you that will heal any imbalances in your your energy so you can finally feel connect to your inner guide.

So often we unknowingly take on other people's beliefs and lose connection to our own energy which results in an up happy life. If you were taught that you have to go to school, get married and have kids all by the time you’re 25 but you KNOW that’s not sure you, it’s time to shake off those beliefs and get in tune with your true calling! 

With your custom plan you’ll feel a close connection to yourself and will get clear on what you really desire to bring into your life. It’s time to listen to those whispers that are there to guide you away from old conditioning! 

You'll truly learn how to discover your inner energy and how to change your outer world.

This Program Is For You If You Feel

icon512 copy.png

Lost & confused on what it is that you truly want in life

Want to start living your soul purpose

Want to learn how to manifest a life worth living for

Looking for a road map of where your soul and been & where you're heading

Trapped in your life and don't know which way will lead you to happiness

Live a life that is full of abundance of love, wealth, & happiness

Want to start your spiritual journey but you don't know where to begin

Want to start creating your own reality

What To Expect

Have more purpose in your life

Have more self confidence in who you are

Be more self aware of your talents

Have more self love in your life

Attracting more abundance into your life

Let go of limiting beliefs

Have a daily practice that centers you

Learn how to attract what you desire

What's Included

Weekly Breakdown

Week 1: Intro to astrology & chakras

*We'll go over the basics of astrology & energy
*We'll go over the basics of chakras & energy
*I'll also give you a numerology reading 

Week 2: Saturn & root chakra

*We'll go over your saturn sign & reveal your karma
*We'll go over the root chakra & how to strengthen it
*We'll go over next steps to reach your desires

Week 3: Moon & sacral chakra

*We'll go over your moon sign & reveal your emotions
*We'll go over the sacral chakra & strength it
*We'll go over next steps to reach your desires

Week 4: mars & solar plexus chakra

*We'll go over your mars sign & reveal your actions
*We'll go over the solar plexus chakra & strength it
*We'll go over next steps to reach your desires

Week 5: Venus & heart chakra

*We'll go over your venus sign & reveal how you love
*We'll go over the heart chakra & strength it
*We'll go over next steps to reach your desires

Week 6: Mercury & throat chakra

*We'll go over your mercury sign & reveal your communication
*We'll go over throat chakra & strength it
*We'll go over next steps to reach your desires

Week 7: Jupiter & third-eye chakra

*We'll go over your jupiter sign & your visions
*We'll go over third-eye chakra & strength it
*We'll go over next steps to reach your desires

Week 8: sun & crown chakra

*We'll go over your sun sign & reveal your self-expression
*We'll go over the crown chakra & strength it
*We'll go over next steps to reach your desires

**Next steps to reach your desires included the following custom resources: meditations, subliminal messages, binaural beats, EFT tapping scripts, workbooks, and anything else that can support you during the program. 

*I'll be mailing you a spiritual starter kit that includes:

  • Custom chakra doTERRA essential oils to help you physically & emotionally connect to your chakras
  • House of Intuition intention candle which includes a stone/crystal once the candle is burned out to help you connect to your mind, emotions, & soul
  • Tiny Devotions Limitless mala necklace to help you set intentions while you meditate to help you physically connect to your soul
  • Design Works journal to help you connect to your mind & soul
  • Tarot reading by Tarot like it is to help you connect to your energy

How It Works

Connection call

Let's schedule a connection call so we can get to know each other.
I will answer any questions you have about the programs, astrology, chakras, or anything else you can think of. 



We'll choose which investment plan works best for you for this program.
Once your first payment is made then
 I'll send you a welcome package to get you started before our first call.


Schedule Calls

We'll schedule our first call and arrange what our schedule will look like for this program. 
We'll also touch on what your dreams + desires are for healing your energy.


       Option 1: Payment Plans

Paid In Full

$2,497 USD

You'll be invoiced $2,497 today


4 Payments

$2,600 USD

You'll be invoiced $500 deposit today with $525 bi-weekly payments


8 Payments

$2,600 USD

You'll be invoiced $500 deposit today with $262.50 weekly payments


       Option 2: Custom payment plan for you

What Other's Say

"I felt like she was talking directly to my soul. Everything she said rang true for me. She helped me to see my purpose and life direction SO clearly. It was the most reassuring, comforting, and freeing feeling! I left Annie’s session feeling so inspired and motivated to go out and do the work I am meant to do in the world - to live out my purpose. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to get clear on their life purpose, passions and hearts calling."

Hayley Tapper | Success Mindset Coach


"Annie is not only the sweetest person you'll ever meet, she's also wildly gifted, a true free spirit, and the your number one resource for birth chart reading for you and your fav celeb. Not only will Annie provide you with clarity on who you are and what you're going through, she will go deep into your star alignment and support you towards reaching your desires. Annie is all about being the TRUE you and your BEST self, despite what your family or community expect of you. She's the breath of fresh air your energy is waiting for!"  

Amber-Lee | humble lifestyle |Business Coach + chakra Expert