Everything in life is energy so let's use the new moon energy to manifest our desires

Say something amazing here about what the new moon energy is all about. 


We'll do this with... 

  • 10 Minute recording where I highlight the placement of the new moon in your birth chart 
  • 5 Minute recording of a tarot card reading where I highlight your current energy + manifesting energy
  • 30 minute reiki session to set your new moon intentions
  • A PDF of the new moon energy, chakra energy, & essential oil to set intentions

Hey love, I'm Annie!

I realize why life always felt like a struggle when I was doing all the things my parents taught me like get a degree, find a corporate job, get married = life. It felt like a struggle because these things weren't aligned with my soul and my truth.
It wasn’t until I tapped into what my soul wanted me to do that life started expanding for me... 

  • I started having more freedom by having my own online business
  • Traveling all the time (London, Rome, Mexico, Portland, Toronto, Bali, Australia to name a few places in the last year)
  • Attracting more money & abundance in my life  (like having $10K)  
  • Synchronicities in my life where it feels like complete flow & ease 

All because I let go of my limiting beliefs that were holding me back & aligned my mind, emotions, soul, & energy to my purpose.
I've also had the resources to...

  • Attend an exclusive VIP day with a well know spiritual business coach
  • Travel to Bali for an exclusive workshop for female entrepreneurs 
  • Meet Mel Wells the author of "The Goddess Revolution" 
  • Go to a 4 day seminar hosted by a well-respected entrepreneur 
  • Go to a 6 day workshop hosted by a modern mystic 
  • Become a Certified Intuitive Counselor 
  • Become a Certified Reiki Level III Practitioner 
  • Become a Certified Astrologer with Apprenticeship 

I want this for you as well so that you can tap into your own power & purpose to live the life you were meant to.

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