Soul Seeker | Birth Chart Reading

Let’s get rid of those limiting beliefs that are holding you back so that you can live your soulful life!

Ever feel like...

  • Do you feel like life is a struggle, like nothing ever feels like it's working out?
  • Or, maybe, you feel like you’ve mainly got it together… but on the inside you know that there is something missing?
  • You feel like you want so much more in life… but you’re just not sure how to make it happen?
  • Do you wish you could be one of those social media stars who look like they have everything?

For a moment, just imagine what your life would feel like if….

  • You have clarity on how you're want to live your life from your soul
  • Your passion for life is re-ignited
  • You experience beautiful synchronicities in life
  • You're finally able to find all the answers within

I believe that you were born to live a full and beautiful life, and manifest everything that you desire - be that greater wealth, love, business or career success. When you find yourself feeling lost, frustrated and stuck, there is often a deep-held limiting belief that is blocking you from living the life you imagine.

This is why I created Soul Seeker - so that you can quickly and effectively identify and remove what is blocking you from the life you want to be living.

We'll be shifting your limiting beliefs of your choice. This includes your finances, career, soul purpose, love life, family life, or anything else troubling you.


What's included:

  • 90 Minute recorded session on Zoom for you to keep 
  • I will use your birth chart to connect you back to your soul 
  • Heal your chakras that are out of balance with practical tools
  • 30 minute reiki session after our call 


$250 USD

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Hey love, I'm Annie!

I realize why life always felt like a struggle when I was doing all the things my parents taught me like get a degree, find a corporate job, get married = life. It felt like a struggle because these things weren't aligned with my soul and my truth.
It wasn’t until I tapped into what my soul wanted me to do that life started expanding for me... 

  • I started having more freedom by having my own online business
  • Traveling all the time (London, Rome, Mexico, Portland, Toronto, Bali, Australia to name a few places in the last year)
  • Attracting more money & abundance in my life  (like having $10K)  
  • Synchronicities in my life where it feels like complete flow & ease 

All because I let go of my limiting beliefs that were holding me back & aligned my mind, emotions, soul, & energy to my purpose.
I've also had the resources to...

  • Attend an exclusive VIP day with a well know spiritual business coach
  • Travel to Bali for an exclusive workshop for female entrepreneurs 
  • Meet Mel Wells the author of "The Goddess Revolution" 
  • Go to a 4 day seminar hosted by a well-respected entrepreneur 
  • Go to a 6 day workshop hosted by a modern mystic 
  • Become a Certified Intuitive Counselor 
  • Become a Certified Reiki Level III Practitioner 
  • Become a Certified Astrologer with Apprenticeship 

I want this for you as well so that you can tap into your own power & purpose to live the life you were meant to.

What Other's Say

"There are a lot of people who say they love to help people, but Annie is the true embodiment of that. She is crazy knowledgable when it comes to all things astro and uses it to reveal the missing links to living your best life. Annie uses her quiet confidence and compassionate coaching style to help you understand exactly how to become the person you want to be."


Sofie | Hot Rich Love Your Life Bitch | Life & Brand Stylist 


"I was totally floored at how incredibly accurate the reading was to everything I had gone through in my life and had hoped for for my future.  Her reading of my chart gave me comfort to stay on my path, and a stronger anchor of hope for everything I chased for my future.  Annie has such a sweet soul with a  determine desire to connect with people of all natures and cultures who align with her higher vision. She believes in the power of the persons best self and that believe emanates so clearly into all of her connections with others."

Maguire Fitzpatrick | Life + Soul Business Coach