If you're anything like me, then you've been searching for the "secret formula" which is going to bring abundance into your life. You've read all the Abraham Hicks books, watched "The Secret", and even took up meditation as a way to tap into this manifesting that's supposed to come so easily to you. 

All these methods, as great as they are, all are missing the 1 key to helping you tap into your abundance. They're helping you connect to your soul in the long path which takes years of practice to get results.

Let's do things the easy way by working with me in my coaching programs where I help you tap back into your soul energy through astrology because I can see how you're meant to make money (2nd House) through your career (10th House) with taking actions (Mars Sign) that are aligned with the way you think (Mercury Sign) and the work habits (6th House) you need to attracting more abundance (Jupiter Sign). 

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