Hey love, I'm Annie!

I realize why life always felt like a struggle when I was doing all the things my parents taught me like get a degree, find a corporate job, get married = life. It felt like a struggle because these things weren't aligned with my soul and my truth.
It wasn’t until I tapped into what my soul wanted me to do that life started expanding for me...

  • I started having more freedom by having my own online business
  • Traveling all the time (London, Rome, Mexico, Portland, Toronto, Bali, Australia to name a few places in the last year)
  • Attracting more money & abundance in my life  (like having $10K) 
  • Synchronicities in my life where it feels like complete flow & ease 

All because I let go of my limiting beliefs that were holding me back & aligned my mind, emotions, soul, & energy to my purpose.
I've also had the resources to...

  • Attend an exclusive VIP day with a well know spiritual business coach
  • Travel to Bali for an exclusive workshop for female entrepreneurs
  • Meet Mel Wells the author of "The Goddess Revolution"
  • Go to a 4 day seminar hosted by a well-respected entrepreneur
  • Go to a 6 day workshop hosted by a modern mystic
  • Become a Certified Intuitive Counselor 
  • Become a Certified Reiki Level III Practitioner 
  • Become a Certified Astrologer with Apprenticeship 

I want this for you as well so that you can tap into your own power & purpose to live the life you were meant to.